John & Megan

Our lives are full of love, laughter, and a bit of adventure and we are so excited to add a child to our family.

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Get to know us!

John has made some friends for life in the Army.

About John

John is one of the best humans you will ever meet!

He’s the first to offer help to those who need it, and loves making people smile.

• Grew up in rural Virginia – he even played football for Virginia Tech while getting a finance degree!
• I catch him playing sports with the neighborhood kids and giving lessons on his skateboard all the time.
• John is in the Army and I’m so proud of him for serving our country!

Megan loves throwing parties and cookouts for friends and family, especially for Halloween.

About Megan

Megan makes friends everywhere she goes – she is smart, independent, kind, and generous.

• She grew up in Idaho and still loves to go hiking and camping.
• She also works for the military as a research analyst and loves her job.
• She loves celebrating holidays, especially Halloween, and she makes sure everyone joins in on the fun!

Our life together

We met over ten years ago and bonded over hiking, BBQ, comedy, and dogs.
• Married for 10 years and lived in Colorado, Germany, and now are settled in NC.
• We have two sweet dogs – Bodie and Moose.
• We are a team in every way – we are founded in love, trust, loyalty, communication, and laughter.

Finally made it to NC!

We enjoy:
• Spending time with family/friends
• Hiking with dogs
• Playing sports
• Being on the water
• Cooking
• DIY woodworking
• Reading and watching movies

Our lifestyle 

Our Village

We have a tight group of friends and neighbors with kids of all ages. We spend so much time on each others’ porches, playing outdoor games with all the kids and dogs, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and helping each other out when someone is in need.


We are so lucky to have two types of families – the families we grew up with and the families we choose. We are so excited to include a child in family vacations, holiday traditions, and birthday parties!

Megan is so close to her nephews and knows they can’t wait to share family jokes and games with their future cousin.

We love to ski and kayak!

We love to laugh!

Being silly on the plane.

Strong women!

We want to raise a child who is confident and loved.

We love to travel!

Exploring a historical site in Morocco.

We can’t wait to include a child in our travels in the U.S. and across the world!

Meeting people from all over the world and learning their stories has helped us appreciate and embrace diverse cultural backgrounds. We have a particular love for Africa and have been to ten different African countries!

We can’t wait to open our hearts and home to a child.

Thank You!

We know this is just a snapshot of our life, but we are really looking forward to sharing much more with you in our open adoption journey.

We promise that in our home, your child will not go a day without laughing, being shown our love and care, and will receive all the safety and support we can provide.

Megan & John

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